Wednesday November 03, 2021

Zahir Jaffer Thrown Out of Court

ISLAMABAD: Zahir Jaffer, the prime suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case, was thrown out of an Islamabad sessions court Wednesday for interrupting and misbehaving with the judge.

Zahir was brought to court amid tight security. During the hearing, he repeatedly interrupted the judge. When the suspect was warned, he started passing inappropriate comments and hurled obscenities at the court.

Zahir said: “What’s behind the curtains? We are waiting… what’s behind the curtains?”

At one point, he hid behind the door, demanding to be heard. “This is my court. I want to say something. Everything I own is at stake.”

He claimed that the hearing of the case was being dragged. “Even if I give you guys an opportunity to hang me, the case will still be dragged. This is a puppet show.”

Judge Atta Rabbani immediately instructed the police to take him out of the courtroom. “This is just another one of his dramas,” he said, adding that the court won’t issue contempt notices but will conduct the trial in jail now.

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