Saturday June 25, 2022

Zaheer Abbas’ Brother Asks for Prayers As Legendary Cricketer ‘Still in Intensive Care’

Former Pakistani captain and legendary cricketer, Zaheer Abbas is “still in intensive care” and his brother has asked for prayers.

Former Pakistani batting legend Zaheer Abbas was admitted to the intensive-care unit (ICU) of a hospital in London after his health deteriorated days after contracting COVID-19.

The former captain is being treated at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London’s City of Westminster.

Asian Bradman Zaheer Abbas’ brother Sagheer Abbas said that “he is still in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)”

“He is on dialysis due to discomfort in lungs and because of complications in breathing he has been put on oxygen support,” his brother said.

Saghir Abbas further said he had a conversation with Zaheer Abbas two days ago through video call for a few minutes.

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