Tuesday April 19, 2022

Woman Wish Fulfilled by Imran Sharif

Karachi: The number of fans of Imran Ashraf are on the rise as he reached heights of his him as acting in Bhola of drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.

The people impressed with him for his acting and his talks while a video of his female fan going rounds on the social media taking his autograph.

A basket becomes source of taking his autograph from his fan.

A woman wished Imran Ashraf to have his autograph from her flat which was on height and the woman sent her basket from her flat down.

Imran Ashraf took the basket and take out a diary from it and asked his fane name and gave his autograph and return to her.

Another interesting thing in the video is that the woman used the dopatas instead of rob for throwing down the basket.

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