Saturday October 15, 2022

Weekly Inflation Eases by 0.57 Percent

The Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) based weekly inflation for the week ended on October 13 for the combined consumption group witnessed a decrease of 0.57 percent as compared to the previous week.

The SPI for the week under review in the above-mentioned group was recorded at 204.55 points against 205.73 points registered in the previous week, according to the latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) statement on Friday.

As compared to the corresponding week of last year, the SPI for the combined consumption group in the week under review witnessed an increase of 28.44 percent.

The weekly SPI with base year 2015-16 =100 is covering 17 urban centers and 51 essential items for all expenditure groups.

The SPI for the lowest consumption group up to Rs 17,732 witnessed 0.79 percent decrease and went down to 210.05 points from last week’s 211.73 points.

Meanwhile, the SPI for the consumption groups from Rs 17,732-22,888; Rs 22,889-29,517; Rs 29,518-44,175 and above Rs 44,175 witnessed a decline of 0.78 percent, 0.66 percent, 0.60 percent and 0.47 percent respectively.

During the week, out of 51 items, prices of 17 (33.34%) items decreased, 18 (35.29%) items increased and 16 (31.37%) items remained stable.

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