Friday November 04, 2022

Wazirabad Firing: FIR Could Not Be Lodged Yet As Imran, Pervez On Loggerheads Over The Issue

Lahore: An First Information Report (FIR) of the attack on the PTI chief Imran Khan container could not be registered yet as Imran Khan and Chief Minister Punjab are on loggerheads on the issue.

The former premier Imran Khan wanted to lodge an FIR over the Wazirabad incident as per his wish and will.

On the other hand Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi wanted to register an FIR as per the law. While a Joint Investigation Team has been constituted on the orders of the CM Punjab.

Earlier in the day, the youth who had red-handedly arrested from Wazirabad on shorting fires on the PTI long march which claimed one life and 14 others injured, revealed in the investigation that he had bought 9 mm pistol and 26 bullets in Rs 20000.

The culprit Naved apprised to investigating officials that he used to suggest participants of the PTI long march to shut songs at the time of Azan call to prayers but they didn’t heed to it.

So he planned attack on the PTI chief Imran Khan adding that he first tried to attack from a roof of the mosuqe but due to Asir prayers, the police didn’t allow him to go on the rooof of the mosque.

The shooter informed after spraying eight bullets on the PTI chief Imran Khan container, later a bullet stuck in the pistol.

On his information the police have arrested two persons Waqas and Sajid from Wazirabad who sold pistols to him without any licence.

The Police have decided to conduct polygraphic test of Naveed.

The police apprised that 11 shells were found from the crime scene out of which nine were of pistols and two were of large gun.

The police also decided to conduct forensic of munition of a guard deputed on Imran Khan container while the investigation of the attacker has been given to Counter Terrorism Department (CTD)..

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