Sunday June 26, 2022

PPP Fulfil Its Promise Regarding Coordinated, Full Of Powers Local Body Elections: Wasim

Karachi: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Wasim Akhtar blasting over the rigging and violence during first phase of local bodies elections in 14 district of Pakistan said that rigging was rampant and robbers reigned today.

Holding a presser at the party headquarter In Bahadurabad, former mayor Wasim Akhtar raised his party reservation over the holding of elections in 14 districts of Sindh.

Wasim Akhtar said that what happened today was feared adding that rigging were prevailing every where and dacoits were ruling even they left with ballot boxes carrying in their hands.

Addressing, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), he questioned do elections happen in this way? while he said that the ECP should see its performance during the today’s elections while he also urged the ECP to take all the matters related to elections seriously.

He said that this type of elections are not at all acceptable. Senior MQMP leader said that we wanted coordinated and full of powers local body system.

He complained that the ruling party of Sindh and its allied party PPP is not implementing the agreement between two parties.

He demanded the PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari and Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to fulfil their promise.

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