Saturday May 07, 2022

Verdict in Murree Tragedy Case Reserved

RAWALPINDI: Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench judge Chaudhry Abdul Aziz has reserved the verdict in the Murree tragedy case.

The judge has ruled that those who have destroyed the paradise of Pakistan (Murree) will not be forgiven. The judge has directed the anti-corruption director-general to immediately inquire into illegal constructions and irregularities in Murree and submit a report to the court.

A separate verdict will also be issued against those who were found negligent during the Murree tragedy and made transfer and posting. The court has directed the Chief Officer Municipal Corporation Murree and the Chief Officer District Council to submit an affidavit, stating that no construction was taking place in Murree after they filed a report in the court.

The court has also directed the divisional forest officer to submit an affidavit stating that there was no deforestation in Murree forests. The wildlife department has also been ordered to file a similar affidavit.

At least 23 people lost their lives because of a strong blizzard that swept through the hill resort in January last year.

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