Monday July 04, 2022

Vegetable Prices Skyrocket Ahead of Eid

With Eid-ul-Azha just around the corner, prices of vegetables have almost doubled across the country. 

The prices of essential vegetables have skyrocketed as shopkeepers are selling items at their own rates instead of following the official price list released by the government.

In Lahore, onions are being sold within a range of Rs80 to Rs110, while the price of tomatoes reached Rs140 per kg from Rs100 per kg.

Two other most used vegetables during Eid ul Adha — lemons and garlic — have also become expensive. While lemons are being sold at Rs320 per kg, garlic is available within a range of Rs250 to Rs300 per kg.

In addition, the price of green chillies has skyrocketed to Rs120 per kg and a bunch of coriander is been sold at Rs20.

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