Friday June 03, 2022

USA, Israel And India Don’t Want Strengthen Pakistan: Imran Khan

Bonair Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, continuing on holding rallies and mass gathering, has said that the USA, Israel and India don’t want strengthened Pakistan.

Addressing a mass gathering in Bonair on Friday (today), former premier Imran Khan said that the PML-N called Narendar Modi, the man, who committed most of the atrocities against Muslims, in their family wedding.

Imran Khan said that a talk in town is going to run treason case against him while he said that in his tenure of three and half years as a premier the petrol prices went up just Rs 56.90 and in just two months of present coalition government it increased by Rs 60.

The PTI chief said that prices of electricity bomb is going to throw on the masses adding the present government increased electricity prices by Rs 10 in just two months.

The Ex-pm also presented a comparison between his government and present government regarding the prices of flour, ghee, petrol, diesel, rise, fruits and vegetables.

He apprised that in his tenure the prices of rice increased by Rs 40 per Kg and in two months of this government it prices increased by Rs 55 per Kg.

Continuing presenting the comparison, he said that 20 Kg flour prices went expensive by Rs 326 in his government, whereas Rs 422 was increased in two months of this government.

In his address to the people of Bonair, he said that our government tolerated the pressure of the IMF but not passed the burden on the people.

Regarding leaders of the present government, he said that these people take orders from foreign countries because they have all the money, businesses, home and children are there.

Repeating his stance on the foreign conspiracy against his government, he said that the USA diplomat Donald Lu threatened that if Imran Khan not ousted from the government then there will be problems for Pakistan.

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