Monday September 05, 2022

US Reaffirms Full Support to Flood-affected People of Pakistan

The United States has reaffirmed its commitment to continue support to Pakistan in recovering from the devastation caused by floods in the country.    

The resolve was expressed by a US Congressional delegation led by chairperson of Pakistani caucus in the US Congress, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson while interacting with official media during her visit to Foreign Office, Islamabad on Monday.

 Sheila Jackson said as the United States stands in solidarity with Pakistan in this difficult time, a 30 million dollars assistance has already been announced for flood affected people in Pakistan while more aid will be here in the coming few days. She said clinics will be set up in flood affected areas to provide medical aid to the flood victims.

The Congresswoman said as we take back the message to the United States after reviewing the entire flood situation here, we are excited to see that our friendship with Pakistan is a solid friendship. She expressed the belief that Pakistan will recover from the disaster.

Congressman Thomas Suozzi who is also member of the visiting US delegation, said the United States has demonstrated through its assistance in this time that Pakistan is an  important place and we want to help its people who are suffering right now.  

He said during this visit we have seen with our eyes that people are suffering here and we are taking back the message to inform our colleagues and partners in the United States about the ground situation here.     

Speaking on the occasion, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari expressed gratitude to the international community for extending help to Pakistan in this critical time.

He said this is the first delegation that has visited the flood hit areas in the country and it means a lot to us, as they will create awareness back in their country regarding the situation in Pakistan which they have seen.

The Foreign Minister said US cooperation in this difficult time has once again proved our friendship.

He said it is an opportunity for the international community to realize that it must join hands to tackle the  challenges of climate change.  

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