Monday January 09, 2023

UN To Support Recovery, Reconstruction In Pakistan After Devastating Floods: Antonio

Geneva: United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has assured that the United Nations will support the recovery and reconstruction in Pakistan after devastating floods.

Addressing the inaugural session of the International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan in Geneva on Monday, he asked the world to must be there for this purpose as this conference is the first step of longer journey towards recovery and reconstruction in Pakistan.

The UN Secretary General said every step taken by the international community will be inspired by the endurance and generosity of the people of Pakistan in this critical and colossal vision.

He said for decades, I have privileged to witness generosity and resilience of the people of Pakistan. From earthquakes and floods to years of relentless terrorist attacks, to geo-political nightmare like war in Afghanistan that left millions fleeing people crossing to Pakistani borders, the trend continues today, the giving spirit of the Pakistani people has shown bright.

The UN Secretary General said helping neighbours with food, water and shelter, I have seen Pakistani community helping after refugees despite limited sources.

He said terrifying falls of water that killed more than one thousand seven hundred people, injured thousands of other and affected more than thirty three million.

Antonio Guterres said the floods swept over roads acres agriculture lands and damaged and destroyed two million homes.

He said we need to be honest about the loss and damage suffered by the developing countries because of climate change particularly in Pakistan.

He said the devastation from the climate change is real and the developing countries are least responsible of the climate disaster.

The UN Secretary General said Pakistan which represents less than one percent global emissions, did not cause the climate crisis.

He said countering the climate crisis needs massive support and we must deliver on our commitments to redouble our finances.

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