Monday October 04, 2021

Umar Sharif Funeral Prayers Offered In Germany

Nuremberg: The funeral prayers of the comedy king Umar Sharif has been offered in in Nuremberg, Germany.

Umar Sharif funeral prayers were offered a local Turkish mosque wherein large number of Pakistanis attended his prayers.

The body would likely be flown back to Pakistan on Tuesday.

Fans of comedy king Umar Sharif all around the world in complete mourning over his death.

Leaders of political parties, social workers and actor and actress visited the house of late Umar Sharif to codole his death with his family members.

Maulana Bashir Ahmed Farouqi has said that he will lead his funeral pryaer tomorrow on the request of his family members.On the other hand arrangments are being finalized for his burial in the premisis of Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine.

It is likely that his death certificate will be issued in Germany after which his body will be transfered to Pakistan.

The funeral prayers of the comedy king would be offered at a local Turkish mosque in Nuremberg, Germany while the body would likely be flown back to Pakistan on Tuesday.

Qatar Airways flight will be used for transporting the body of Umer Sharif from Munich and it would be accompanied by his wife Zareen Ghazal.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Karachi chief and MPA Khurram Sher Zaman earlier in the day said that he had conveyed a message of Prime Minister Imran Khan to the family of Umer Sharif that the legendary comedian would be buried with state honours.

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