Wednesday July 06, 2022

Two Die As Heavy Rains Wreak Havoc In Karachi, Sukkur,

Karachi: Two people were died owing to heavy rains in Karachi while roads and lower areas inundated after heavy downpour

One person lost his life after electrocution from water motor in Azam Basti area of Karachi. In the second incident wall of house fell owing to torrential rains in Malir Khokhrapar area of metropolis killing 14-year-old Aman.

On the other hand, heavy rains also lashed in Sukker while electricity in Sukker could not be restored even after two hours of stoppage of rains.

Sewerage system in Sukkur is in disarray while roads and lower areas inundated. Owing to poor arrangements of the district administration for expected rains, the residents of Sukkur severely suffered a lot.

The up-railway track blocked owing to heavy rains affected the railway track in Karachi division.

Millat Expresses which travel between Sargodha to Karachi stopped at Pad Eidan, Tez Gam express going Rawalpindi to Karachi halted at Bandhi, Multan To Karachi bound train Zikriya Expressed barred at Nawabshah railway station.

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