Friday September 10, 2021

There Is No One To Support Oppressed: Siraj Ul Haq

Hyderabad: Chief of Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Siraj Ul Haq has said that there is no one to support oppressed all are standing in the row of oppressors.

Talking to media in Hyderabad today, Siraj Ul Haq said that the country is ruled by a dictatorship not a democracy adding that the country is a monarch of a few families who have made politics their domestic slave. Either country is ruled by a dictatorship or a democracy they always remain in power, Siraj said.

Siraj Ul Haq said that there are a few families in the country who has supported the East India Company in the past and when the Britishers established their reign they colluded with them and now they still support this system and 22 millions people are being held hostage.

He said that due to these families the country broke up and still they are destroying the country.

The JI Chief said that the new generation has been destroyed adding that we must have to stand against the system to save the country’s exchequer.

He said that the path of Imam Hussain R.A was of the resistance adding that he confronted the dictatorship. He said that martyrdom of Imam Hussain (R.A), his message and mission is still alive.

Siraj said that the country has ideological terrorism instead of militant terrorism while political and moral terrorism are also rampant.

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