Sunday July 10, 2022

There Is No Difference Between Govts of PTI and PDM: Siraj Ul Haq

Lahore: Ameer Jamat Islami (JI) Siraj Ul Haq has said that the country has faced with a economic crisis adding that the rulers have thrown masses into the fire of chaos , poverty, inflation.

Talking to media at the party headquarter Mansoora, Lahore, Siraj Ul Haq said that there is no difference between the governments of PTI and PDM adding that they are each side of bad coin.

Siraj Ul Haq said that the rulers have snatched the independence and made the nation the slave of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the USA.

He said that there is darkness of disappointment and hopelessness everywhere in the country.

The JI Ameer said only the JI can give honest and sincere leadership while he urged the people of country to support his part to get rid of thieves and plunderers and looters.

Siraj Ul Haq said that the nation should stand up to get rid of quagmire of corruption.

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