Tuesday September 14, 2021

Test Of Karachiites Start From Today In Wake Of heatwave,Gas, Electricity Load-shedding

Karachi: The city who generate 70 percent of revenue for the country and province will face test as the people deprive of gas from today while K-electric has hinted at load shedding on the other hand meteorological department has issued warning of heatwave.

The gas distribution in the city will remain suspend till September 17 whle it is likely that generation of electricity will reduce owing to lowering gas pressure.

While the met department has issued warning that the temperature will remain 37 degree-centigrade. Karachiites will face gas and electric load-shedding for next four days as Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has hinted scarcity of the gas.

As per the SSGC the gas shortage will persist owing to work on the LNG terminal. Due to this people could face shortage of Gas till September 17.

According to K-electric spokesman, the K-electric will be provided 150 MMCFD gas instead of 190. Keeping in mind increase of demand due to hot weather efforts will be made to get electricity from other sources.

The spokesman added that if gas provided with required need at Korangi Gas Power Plant then the electricity generation will not be reduced.

On the other hand CNG stations across Sindh including Karachi will remain closed for four days from today.

As per the SSGC, the gas will reduce due dry docking of the LNG terminal while after repair of the terminal it will take four day time to be operational once again.

It is likely that sea breeze will remain close and intensity of heat will increase in Karachi.Officials said that low air pressure in Rajhisthan and in the Bay of Bengal will result into heatwave in Karachi. It added that hot winds will blow from the North East.

The met department said that temperature can touch 40 degree-centigrade from September 14 to 16 while a new system of monsoon will start from evening of September 16 in the city.

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