Friday September 09, 2022

Target Killer, Gang Of Robbers In Disguise Of Maid Arrested

Karachi: In two separate action taken district central police and Nazimabad police have arrested a target Killer named Javed Langra and a group of four comprising three women and a man involved in robberies in disguise of maid in the houses.

The district central police taking action in Rizvia Society arrested Javed alias Langra involved in a blind murder conducted three months ago while he also revealed killing of two more people while a search for a ringleader Rashid Mamoo is underway.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Maroof Usman apprised that the accused is a paid killer and a part of a target killer team.
As per the police a member of the group Bahadur alias Faisal was arrested after a murder of a person named Ibrahim while he also mudered the driver of deceased Ibrahim, Jamshed Alam, who testified to the murder, in Buffer Zone.
In another action by Nazimabad police, a gang involved in robberies in the posh areas of city after geting jobs as a maid in the houses while a search of two more group members is under way.

The police also recovered looted things from the possession of the gang.

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