Wednesday September 22, 2021

T20 World Cup Squad Meets PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday advised the national cricket team to inculcate a team spirit, adopt aggressive posturing and play with a sole passion to win.

The prime minister, who had captained Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup wining team, met the national cricket team here and gave tips to become a successful cricketer while sharing his success story.

Special Assistant to PM Dr Shahbaz Gill, Senator Faisal Javed and Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Ramiz Raja attended the meeting.

The prime minister believed that the Allah had defined truthfulness and honesty as the principles of success. One can change his fate through hard work and struggle, he added.

The prime minister called for opting the course of earning respect, not money, advising the players to play for the team and the nation which had their eyes on their performance.

He said the whole nation wished their success for being the representatives of Pakistan in the world. You have no dearth of talent as the whole world recognizes the talent of Pakistanis, he remarked.

Referring to the Islamic history, the prime minister exemplified the defeat of a huge army by 313 Muslims in Battle of Badr and conquering of huge empires like Rome and Persian just within 13 years.

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