Monday September 06, 2021

Suicide Bombers Behind Quetta, Mastung Blasts Came From Afghanistan: Rasheed

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said on Monday the suicide bombers behind recent blasts in Quetta and Gwadar came from Afghanistan.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, the minister said both attackers have been identified.

Interior Minister maintained the Taliban have assured that they won’t allow Afghan soil to be used against any other country.

“It has been barely six days since the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan on August 31 and a government is yet to take shape in Kabul,” Rasheed said, addressing concerns about attacks taking place despite the Taliban’s assurance.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said stakeholders in both countries have assured each other that they won’t allow their soils to be used for cross-border attacks. He added Pakistan wants peace, stability and prosperity in the war-ravaged country.

To a question about the influx of refugees from Afghanistan, the minister said the government would decide the fate of Afghans who crossed into the country without any valid travel document.

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