Thursday January 06, 2022

Situation Of Sindh Has Become Out Of Control: Mustafa Kamal

Islamabad: Pak Sarzameen Party ( PSP) chief Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that the situation of Karachi is more dangerous in comparison with the last 40 years adding that destruction of Karachi tantamount to destruction of the country and situation of Karachi is a matter of national Security.

Addressing a presser in Islamabad press club, former mayor Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal said that PPP has been ruling in Sindh for last 13 years and there is no one that could ask the performance and make accountable the provisional government.

The PSP chief said that urban areas of Sindh including Karachi have been placed on mortgage.

Mustafa Kamal said that Sindh government received more than Rs 10 thousand billion from the federal government while according to the Sindh government record as many as Rs 10 thousand 242 billions spent on Karachi despite that Karachi is devastated. .

Sindh government record also showed that Rs two thousand and 300 billions were spent on education despite that millions of children are out of schools in Sindh, he added.

He said that PTI government is ruling the country due to the PPP as Asif Zardari can easily dethrone the existing government.

He said that situation of Sindh has become out of control adding ” I don’t know how many Altaf Hussain will emerge in the circumstance Karachi is facing.”

He said that we have a role in establishing peace in the city and we didn’t sacrifice so that Karachi is mortgaged to the PPP

He emphasized If Karachi faces destruction then the country will face the same situation. The ex-mayor said that the matter of Karachi is a matter of a national security.

He suggested that three amendments have become must in the constitution, firstly the power of local government must be written in the constitution, secondly make it sure that provincial finance commission (PFC) provide funds to lower level after receiving money from NFC, third and last holding of local body elections as timely like a general elections.

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