Thursday September 01, 2022

Sherry Terms Current Floods Biggest Tragedy of the Century

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman has warned of looming crisis of health emergency in flood-hit areas.

In a video message on Thursday, she said the scale of climate change devastations in Pakistan is still unfolding.

The Minister said after eight weeks of torrential rain with more downpours likely this month, the River Indus is now in high flood at key barrages.

She said the flood water has inundated seventy five percent of Pakistan, resulting into a big humanitarian crisis which needs immediate attention of the world community.

Sherry Rehman said government has already generated a UN Flash Appeal and while humanitarian relief is pouring in from our neighbors and countries around the world, it is not nearly enough to meet the needs of millions on the ground.

She said in addition to the UN system, given the scale and immediacy of the disaster, Pakistan needs more assistance from the international community for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the flood-hit areas and the people. 

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