Friday July 29, 2022

Sheikh Rashid Claims Matters Regarding General Election Settled Instead Of By-elections

Rawalpindi: Sheikh Rashid, the chief of Awami Muslim League (AML), has said that the matters have been settled regarding the holding of a new general elections instead of by-elections.

The former Interior minister claimed that the nation will here soon, date of a new general election in October, a new Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and care taker set up.

Scarcely saying Zardari a quarantined person, he said that they also admitted holding of the general election adding that only Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman has not agreed yet.

He said that Dollar of Rs 250 and an increase of Rs 10 in electricity price and LPG price will close the markets.

Sheikh Rashid said that the political credibility of the coalition government has become an ash.

He said that these people are not able to go in public nor they can run away.

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