Tuesday December 07, 2021

Sheikh Rasheed Declares PDM Irresponsible Over Holding March On Pakistan Day

Islamabad: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has termed the PDM’s decision to hold march on Pakistan Day as extremely irresponsible move.

In a series of tweets, he said the armed forces stage a national parade on this day which is attended by citizens, ambassadors and various delegates.

The Minister said Islamabad is on high alert for the parade and some roads are closed two or three days in advance.

He urged the PDM to move the demonstration to April.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has urged the society to collectively fight the menace of extremism in the country.

On the other hand, addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said every citizen has a responsibility to raise voice against extremism and terrorism.

Condemning the tragic Sialkot incident, the Minister said the law will take its course against the culprits involved in the incident.

He said the media has an important role to curb extremism in the society. He said the extremist elements should not be given coverage by the media.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said the nation celebrates 23rd March as Pakistan Day, but the opposition has given a call for protest on the day. He said everyone has right for peaceful protest; however, the opposition needs to review its decision about the date of the protest.

The Minister expressed the confidence that the government would be able to control inflation in the coming months.

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