Wednesday June 08, 2022

SHC Rejects Dua Zehra Parents Claim Of Her Daughter Abduction

Karachi: Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday rejected the claim of abduction of Dua Zehra by her parents, ruling that this is not a case of abduction while issuing order that Dua Zehra is free to go with her husband or her parents on her will.

The SHC Judge Junaid Abdul Ghafar heard the abduction case filed by the Dua Zehra parents.

Dua Zehra and her husband presented before the SHC in the strict security. Judge called Dua on rostrum and instructed her to meet with her parents.

The court also got meeting arranged between Dua Zehra and her parents in the chamber of the court. After the meet-up, mother of Dua Zehra fainted while the police carrying Dua Zehra and her husband in its custody and retuned back for the prison.

The court in its three-page order said that the court under an affidavit of Dua Zehra and reviewing all the facts has reached on conclusion that this is not a case of abduction adding that Dua Zehra with her will free to go with her husband or parents
The court also ordered Investigation Officer (IO) of the case to submit supplementary challan of the case.

Earlier SHC had reserved a verdict of the case today. Dua Zehra along with his husband presented before the SHC.

During the hearing advocate general apprised that as per the medical report the girl age is 17 years. To this, counsel of Dua Zehra parents raised a question that Dua Zehra parents had married 17 years ago, how her age can be 17 years? As per the document, Dua is of age 14.

On which, the court said that these reports be shown to a trial court adding that here we were hearing the case of Dua Zehra abduction which has been ended.

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