Tuesday November 09, 2021

Shahbaz Condemns Increase in Electricity Tariffm

LAHORE: Leader of the opposition in Nsational Assembly Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday condemned the hike in electricity prices and said that the government is charging an excessive amount of Rs30 billion from public.

Shehbaz while referring that the government is raising the electricity prices in the name of the fuel adjustment by Rs2.52 per unit.

Furthermore, he stated that with this increase, the public will have to bear the excessive expenses of Rs30 billion. He added that the government has introduced an increase of 52 per cent in electricity prices while the government introduced a hike of Rs1.68 a few days back.

He said that due to the hike in basic tariff, an excessive amount of Rs135 billion has been expected to be charged from public. He said that the Prime Minster (PM) Imran says the inflation will decrease in coming 6 months whereas by the policies that he has introduced, it does not seem to decrease.

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