Sunday September 05, 2021

Several Roads In Karachi Inundated, Traffic Suspended

KARACHI: Following the lashing rains in the city, the Malir river has been rendered flooded leaving many important roads including Korangi Causeway inundated and closed for traffic.

The road leading to Baloch Colony from Brookes Roundabout of Korangi has been shut for the traffic as the causeway has flooded. So is the case with one connecting Qayyumabad to Korangi industrial area.

Jam Sadiq bridge is advised to reach destinations in Korangi as an alternative to the flooded causeway.

The traffic police have advised detours and alternative routes for these roads as they pose hazards to life and vehicles.

On the other hand, the route connecting Malir Court with Murtaza Roundabout in the Malir district has, too, been deluged owing to the flooding of the Malir River. For the commute between these points, the road through Quaidabad has been advised.

Police officials have been flanked across Malir river in order to caution people away from the flooded roads, said the traffic police.

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