Monday January 23, 2023

Seven Pakistani UN peacekeepers martyred in 2022

including seven from Pakistan, lost their lives in different peacekeeping missions in 2022.

United Nation’s Staff Union President Aitor Arauz in a statement said six Pakistani peacekeepers were martyred in a helicopter crash in east of the Democratic Republic of Congo while the seventh lost his life in an attack by an armed group in the same country.

The statement added that peacekeepers and the civilian personnel who work side by side with them are on the front lines of the United Nations’ work in the world’s most challenging environments.

Pakistan has been one of the largest contributors of uniformed personnel to U.N. peacekeeping operations.

Since 1960s, Pakistan has contributed over 200,000 troops to 43 missions. In its service to the cause of peace, Pakistan lost 157 of its bravest who made the ultimate sacrifice

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