Sunday April 24, 2022

Second Girl Goes Missing In Karachi

KARACHI: A teenage girl reportedly disappeared from Malir today within a week after 14-year-old Dua Zehra Kazmi went missing from the same area.

According to the missing girl’s mother, her 14-year-old daughter — identified as Nimra Kazmi — went missing on April 20 from Saudabad.

The girl made a friend on social media who wanted to marry her.

Per the police, a case related to the missing girl has been registered at the Saudabad Police Station and a search is underway.

Nimra’s family have expressed doubt on two boys and their location found to be Multan and Lahore.

It should be noted that Dua Zehra, the girl who earlier went missing from Malir, is still not found.

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