Monday December 27, 2021

SC Expresses Anger On Karachi’s Administrator Murtaza Wahab

Karachi: Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) on Monday expressed anger on Karachi administrator Murtaza Wahab after he used strong words while for a moment the court also directed the CM Sindh to remove the administrator.

The SC heard Gattar Baghicha case today while the administrator Karachi sought unconditional apology from the court which was accepted while the SC ordered Karachi administrator to keep a distance from the politics.

The top court in its remarks in reference to the Ghattar Baghicha said that these lands are not personnel assets it belonged to the state and it must be handed over to the state.

Murtaza Wahab said in the court that very, very big observations are passed in an open court adding that should we go to home and quit the government.

To which, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed gave him shut up call and said “don’t do politics here and go from here and we can remove you at the moment adding that are you a political leader or an administrator?.

The CJ went on to say that the administrator is appoint to serve the people so that one could do work without taking any side.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that the administrator failed to follow his duties adding that the administrator has an attitude of a politician not a service for people kind.

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