Friday October 01, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Envoy Calls On Governor Punjab

Lahore: Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Bin Said Al-Malki on Friday called on Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar in Lahore on Friday.

Saudi envoy during the meeting apprised the Governor that his country has decided to offer scholarships to 600 Pakistani students for their studies in 25 different universities of the kingdom.

Praising the gesture of the Saudi government, Governor Sarwar termed the decision ‘historical’.

The governor described Pak-Saudi friendship solid like a rock. “Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are like brothers. No doubt, the kingdom has stood by Pakistan in times of crisis. People of Pakistan have spiritual and emotional attachment with the people of Saudi Arabia,” he commented.

He, on the occasion, also assured the Saudi ambassador that Pakistan would stand shoulder to shoulder with his country for its security.

Saudi envoy Al-Malki said that his country had neither left Pakistan alone before and nor would it in future. “We consider Pakistan our home. And that’s why play our part in its development,” the ambassador said.

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