Monday September 05, 2022

Ruling Coalition In Joint Statement Condemns Imran For Making COAS Appointment Disputed

ISLAMABAD: The ruling coalition Monday castigated PTI Chairman Imran Khan for making the army chief’s appointment controversial and issuing remarks against the military.

In a joint statement, the ruling coalition condemned Khan’s public meeting for spreading hatred against the Pakistan Army and its leadership and making “sensitive professional matters” controversial.

The entire nation is battling floods, while the PTI chairman is consumed by a thirst for revenge and his pride, the statement said, noting that despite the cataclysmic floods, Khan is targetting the armed forces.

The ruling partners said that the serious allegations being levelled against the military are for three reasons: to disturb the country’s economy, move Pakistan’s economy to a path that it becomes like that of Sri Lanka, and foster enmity between the nation and the armed forces.

“With the power of the Constitution and law, we will thwart this nefarious conspiracy and deal with the conspirators in line with the constitution and law,” the statement said.

The coalition government said that the country will run in line with the Constitution and it cannot be enslaved to a person’s fascism, dictatorship, and pride.

The statement added that the federal and provincial governments and the armed forces — under the leadership of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif — are helping flood affectees.

Apart from that, the armed forces are fighting the menace of terrorism across the country, in which the military personnel are also laying down their lives, the statement noted.

“At such a point, where the entire nation is united against terrorism, looking for economic stability, and stepping forward to help the flood-hit people, a person [Khan] is working on his agenda to divide the nation through lies and propaganda.”

The coalition government, vowing that it will not allow Khan to succeed in his “nefarious agenda”, said that they will ensure helping the flood affectees, strive for economic stability, and make sure that the armed forces are respected.

In his speech at a jalsa in Faisalabad this Sunday, the PTI chairman said the coalition government is stalling the elections as they wanted to “appoint an army chief of their own choice.”

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