Thursday April 07, 2022

Restore Parliament For God and Pakistan: Shahhaz Sharif

Islamabad: The former opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif urges the Supreme Court that it should restore the Parliament on the name of God and Pakistan.

On Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJ) Umar Atta Bandiyal insistence, during the hearing of Deputy Speaker National Assembly suo motu notice, Shahbaz Sharif appeared on rostrum and said that the constitution of our country time and again destroyed and it all happened owing to not given punishment to perpetrators.

Shahbaz Sharif said that step into rostrum is a matter of honour for him adding that he is a common man and will not talk legal matters.

He added that declaring deputy speaker ruling null and void, the assembly and no-confidence motion will be restored.

He said that the parliament should be allowed to hold voting on the no-confidence motion adding that if deliberately mistakes were neglected then the act will be repeated in the future.

He said that the previous government was established on 174 votes while we have strength of 177 members. He said that we will do everything for the restoration of the parliament and for masses.

Chief Justice asked Shahbaz Sharif how much seats do you have in the 2013 general elections. To which, Shahbaz replied that we had 150 seats.

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