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Sunday January 22, 2023

Renowned businessman Byram D Avari passes away in Karachi

Karachi: Prominent business personality and two-time Asian Games gold medalist Byram Dinshawji Avari passed away on Sunday at the age of 81.

He had been ill for a long time and was being treated in a private hospital. He left behind 3 children among the bereaved.

“His funeral prayers will be held at Khorshed Villa, inside the compound of Beach Luxury Hotel at 1 pm on Monday, 23rd January 2023,” his family said.

Byram was a prominent Pakistani businessman based in Karachi. He was the owner and the chairman of the Avari Group of companies – a leading hotel management company in Pakistan. The group owns and operates Avari Hotels which includes a 5-star deluxe hotel in Lahore, the 5-star Avari Towers and the seafront Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi.

The group is also actively pursuing opportunities for owning and/or managing 3 and 4-star properties elsewhere in Pakistan.

The Avari Group was the first Pakistani company to have obtained international hotel management contracts. As of now, they operate the 200-room 4- star hotel in Dubai, and manage the 200-room Ramada Inn in Toronto at Pearson Airport in Canada.

Apart from his business activities, Byram was a national-level sailor and won two Asian Games gold medals for Pakistan in 1978 (with Muneer Sadiq) and 1982 (with his wife Goshpi Avari).

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