Saturday June 18, 2022

Rashid Credits Imran Khan For FATF Grey List ‘Exit’

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister and Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid said on Friday the credit of ‘Pakistan’s exit’ from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list would go to former prime minister Imran Khan, the Pakistan Army and the Interior Ministry.

FATF – an international financial watchdog for combatting money laundering and terrorist financing – earlier today announced kick-starting a process to remove Pakistan from the ‘grey list’ after four years of rigorous monitoring of its efforts to combat terror financing, in a decision that will end the threat of Islamabad being blacklisted.

“At its June 2022 Plenary, the FATF made the initial determination that Pakistan has substantially completed its two action plans, covering 34 items,” according to a statement issued by the.

On-site inspection mission decision was taken by the global body during its June 14-17 plenary meeting held in Berlin, Germany.

It added the initial determination “warrants an on-site visit to verify that the implementation of Pakistan’s AML/CFT reforms has begun and is being sustained, and that the necessary political commitment remains in place to sustain implementation and improvement in the future”.

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