Friday July 08, 2022

Rainwater Still Undated On Several Roads Of Karachi From Yesterday Rains

Karachi: Rains water still inundated on several roads of Karachi owing to inundation in Malir river Korangi causeway wend under the water causing suspension of traffic.

Owing to heavy rains Luth Dam and Thado Dam filled with water in Gaddap town. The superhighway went underwater due to passing of rainwater.

The pond water has come to causeway road in Korangi which stuck two people on the road. While both the people rescued by the rescue personnel.

Three people fled in relay of water in the Gaddap pond while one of them rescued while search for second is continued.

The heavy downpour continued in Hyderabad on fourth day Owing to 51 mm of rains main highways of second big city of Sindh completely inundated.

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