Monday May 30, 2022

Railway Staffers Arrested Involved In Gang Rape Incident In Zakirya

Islamabad: A three accused in involved in gang-rap of a woman in Zakirya Express running train today have been arrested while the arrested accused will be handed over to the Karachi police.

The Federal Minister for Railways has taken strict notice over the gang rape in the Zikriya Express while the railway officials have said that the accused have been arrested from Samundari, Jahanian and Shour Kot.

The arrested accused included Zohaib, Zahid and Aqib which were fled after reporting of the incident.

Pakistan Railways officials have issued a show-cause notice to private contractor SSR running the Zakriya Express, in which the railway officials have taken strict attitude towards the private contractor and asked reply within a week.

The show-cause asked the private contractor why not we cancel an agreement with you and black list your company?

Chief Marketing Officer of the Railways said that Pakistan Railways is a national institution on which people have trust and millions of people annually travel in trains adding that this shameful incident has damaged the credibility of the Pakistan Railways.

The officials have asked the clarification from the company that how criminal minded people hired with out any security clearance.

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