Friday August 26, 2022

Railway Operation From Khanpur To Hyderabad Closed Owing To Floods: Saad Rafique

Islamabad: Federal Minister Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique has apprised that the railway operation from Khanpur to Hyderbad is being suspended owing to devastation and destruction from torrential rains and floods.

The Minister said that railway tracks have affected badly in Sindh due to floods adding people lives more important, therefore the railway operation is being suspended immediately.

Saad Rafique further added that the Pakistan Railways cargo service will continue as usual and the railway operation from Peshawar to Multan will also continue. He apprised that the railway infrastructure has badly damaged owing to recent floods. He informed that some part of ML-one is being closed.

He urged that helping floods victims are need of the time by set aside politics.

The Railways minister said that Qatari investors will invest in the airports of the country, however, no any airport is going to sell.Rumours have been spread regarding selling of the Pakistani airports.

He said that with the investment of the Qatar modernize and add capacity of the Pakistani airports. He said that a complete campaign was run to foil visit of the Qatar, whereas, Pakistan didn’t ask for any loan and no any talks were held in this regard.

The senior politician of the PMLN informed that as many as 2, 000,00 Pakistani work in Qatar and Amir-e-Qatar has said that they will provicde more 100000 jobs to Pakistanis.

He said that Qatar will invest three billion dollars in Pakistan, they will invest in various fields including seaports

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