Monday December 20, 2021

Qibla Ayaz Calls For Effective Legislation To Stop Incidents Like Sialkot

ISLAMABAD:  The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Monday highly condemned the inhumane actions taken by a mob in the name of Islam against a Sri Lankan national in Sialkot and demanded the state to ensure that culprits involved are tried under the law and punished in clear terms.

In a press conference convened after a special session meeting, The CII also said that more legislations will be a futile exercise to avoid cases like Sialkot incident in fact the implementation of laws is the real point of concern in the country.

After the session while reading the declaration of the 226th Special Meeting of the CII, the chairman CII, Qibla Ayaz said that that the Pakistani government after happening of this incident handled the difficult situation with utmost wisdom on which the Sri Lankan government and people expressed satisfaction.

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