Tuesday August 16, 2022

Punjab on High Alert as India Releases Floodwater In River Ravi

LAHORE: The administration has put Punjab on high alert as India releases floodwater in River Ravi on Tuesday.

A major flood is anticipated in the River Ravi due to a flash flood that is moving at a great rate and measuring 175,000 cusecs in volume.

According to latest information, India released 171,797 cusecs water from Ujh Barrage at 1530 PST on Monday. Keeping in view the releases from Ujh Barrage, inflows are likely to increase in River Ravi at Jassar ranging between 70,000 cusecs to 100,000 cusecs, touching the mark of medium to high flood level during the period from 0000 PST of 16-08-2022 to 1200 PST of 16-08-2022.

Flooding has been warned about to the Punjab irrigation department, the local authorities, and residents living in communities dotted along the river bank.

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