Tuesday April 05, 2022

PTI to Give Election Tickets To Old Workers: PM Imran

LAHORE: The Central Executive Committee of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday approved the formation of a parliamentary board.

The Central Parliamentary Board will formulate a policy on tickets. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also directed to speed up preparations for the elections.

He chaired a meeting of the Central Executive Committee which approved the formation of a Parliamentary Board.

Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan said that a policy regarding distribution of candidates and tickets should be formulated as soon as possible, while scrutiny of candidates would be tightened and only those who are loyal to the party will be given tickets.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition was looking for excuses to run away from the elections, adding that all energy should be spent on better selection of candidates.

“I would prefer to give tickets to old party workers,” he said and added there is no place in his party for people with vested interests. He said, “I have learned a lot from mistakes in the past three and a half years and these mistakes will not be repeated.”

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