Monday October 11, 2021

PTI, PPP Retain Seats In By-election On Mirpur LA-3 and LA-12 Kotli-V

Muzzafarabad: The PTI and the PPP retained their seats in Mirpur and Kotli by-elections on the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly for the Mirpur LA-3 and LA-12 Kotli-V constituencies.

By-elections were held for two constituencies of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly for the Mirpur LA-3 and LA-12 Kotli-V constituencies yesterday.

The PTI won in Mirpur LA-3, Mirpur-III, while the PPP candidate won in LA-12 Kotli-V. Stringent security measures were taken to ensure the polling process was not disturbed, with army troops deployed at polling stations. Voting commenced at 8:00am and continued till 5:00pm.

The LA-3, Mirpur-III seat had fallen vacant due to Barrister Sultan Mehmood Choudhry’s election as AJK president, who won this seat as a PTI nominee in the July 25 general elections.

The Mirpur constituency has 85,925 registered voters including 45,447 males and 40,478 females voters — of whom a thin number reportedly reached the polling stations to exercise their right of franchise.

A total of 147 polling stations including 68 for males, 65 for females and 14 combined were established in Mirpur to facilitate voters.

According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, PTI candidate Yasir Sultan Chaudhry won the election securing 20,142 votes while PMLN candidate Chaudhry Saeed got 11,608 votes.

The LA-12 (Charhoi), Kotli-V seat had fallen vacant due to Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin’s resignation from the one out of two seats that he had won in the July 25 general elections — simultaneously from Kotli city and Charhoi constituencies.

A total of 106,428 voters, including 57,838 males and 48,590 females were registered to exercise their right to elect their representative for the AJK LA.

Unofficial results from 197 out of 198 polling stations stated that the PPP’s Aamir Yaseen defeated the PTI’s Shaukat Farid Advocate by securing 24,335 votes while the PTI candidate could manage 18,858 votes.

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