Wednesday June 08, 2022

PTI, PML-N Senators Exchange Hot Words

PTI and PML-N senators traded barbs in a heated exchange on Wednesday, while discussing allegations against the wife of former special assistant to prime minister Shahbaz Gill.

At the onset of the meeting of the senate standing committee on science and technology, PTI’s Shibli Faraz and PML-N’s Afnan Ullah Khan, who is also the chairman of the standing committee, butted heads on various issues.

First Faraz protested that the chairman did not share the agenda of the day, adding that Khan was not the spokesperson of his party but the head of the committee.

Another point of contention was the Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), which the chairman noted had not shifted its headquarters to Islamabad. Faraz replied that the committee had earlier voted to relocate the headquarters.

But officials of the ministry of science and technology added that if a new law had been passed for the transfer then no one had informed them.

Senator Faraz also complained that three names had been forwarded to the cabinet for the head of the PSQCA, but no appointment had been made.

Afnan Ullah Khan added that recently he had powdered milk in his tea and fell ill. To which, the officials of the ministry of science and technology explained that there was a difference between tea whiteners and powdered milk.

Later when the topic of Izza Asad Rasool, Shahbaz Gill’s wife, came up for discussion the exchange between the two senators became more intense.

Rasool has been accused by a university in Islamabad of defaulting on around Rs18.6 million after going abroad for higher education on a scholarship and not completing her programme.

The chairman of the committee suggested that Rasool be called to the meeting or asked to answer questions via video link, adding that she had wasted the university’s money.

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