Friday October 28, 2022

PTI Crticises Army For Sake of Its Betterment Only: Imran Khan

Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran khan has questioned Army Chief Gen Qamar Javeed Bajwa why he didn’t take notice of torture on aged party senator Azam Swati who has taken names of two people of Fahim and Faisal.

Former premier and the PTI chief started the long march at Liberty chowlk with his address in which he touched matters of torture on Azam Swati, Shahbaz Gill, aims of role of existing government, joint presser DG ISI and DG ISPR, Army cheif.

Imran Khan reminded the army cheif had taken notice of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had taken action army personnel over the issue of Maryam Nawaz and capt (reted) Safdar stay in Karachi hotel.

He asked army chief why he didn’t taken action against personnel who resorted to torture on aged PTI senator Azam Swat while he further apprised the senator informed two people names, Fahim and Faisal who are involved in torture on him.

The PTI chief said that the people who has been resorted to torture on PTI leaders are defaming Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa. He also criticised the government over torture on Shahbaz Gill.

Regarding DG ISI, he said that you informed all the matters related to PTI to public and don’t apprise about existing thieves rulers.

Imran Khan said that we criticise army for its betterment and we don’t have any agenda to weaken our country’s institutions.

He said that in response to DG ISI presser, ” I can talk a lot on responding the joint presser of the DG ISI, DG ISPR but I don’t want to weaken our country’s institution.”

PTI Ensures Courts Over Long March

The PTI chief in his speech ensured the all the courts that we will follow their instruction fully and we will go during long march where we are allowed and ensured that the long march will remain peaceful.

Oath From Long March Participants

At the out set of the march the PTI leader Faisal Javed Khan took oath from all the participants to remain totally loyal to country. All the PTI people attending the march will not bow down in front of anyone except to God.

Prayers Of Traveling Recited

Faisal Javed Khan recited prayer of travel and all the participants followed Faisal reciting the dua.

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