Wednesday June 01, 2022

PTI Approaches SC To Get Permission For Long March

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Wednesday submitted a petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) seeking permission to hold long march.

The PTI’s plea insisted the court to order federal and Punjab governments to allow the PTI to hold a long march. Besides, no any arrests be made of the PTI activists and no hurdles be erected in the way of the PTI protests while the federal and Punjab governments be stopped from torture and use of force.

It is pertinent to mention here that the PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that yesterday said that we will ask the Supreme Court to give ruling for a peaceful long march otherwise we will go with a complete preparation.

Imran Khan said that we are taking a ruling from the top court do we have right of a peaceful protest or not and on which basis they stopped us from the peaceful.

He said ” I am saying to Supreme Court of Pakistan to give us a ruling and inform us on which basis we had stopped last time for holding the peaceful protest while the government propagated the chaos”

The PTI chief said that we have to give date for long march to our activists, supporters and the next time when we will arrive will the SC allow the government for undemocratic move to stop us from use of peaceful protest.

He said that if the SC gives us protection then our strategy will be different and if we didn’t get protection then our strategy will be other adding that for the first time we didn’t have preparation but now we will go with a complete preparation.

Former premier said that it is struggle (Jahad) for him adding that we will not recognize the ‘imported’ government.

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