Tuesday April 19, 2022

PTI Announces To Run Campaign “Khudar Pakistan and Khudar Nojawan”

Islamabad: Former premier Imran Khan has announced to run “Khudar Nojawan and Khudar Pakistan” campaign adding that we will fight Khudar Pakistan war with Khudar Nojawan.

Imran Khan focal person for youth affairs Usman Dar on Tuesday called on Pakistan Teheeke-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan.

The meeting approved starting campaign of ‘Khudar Pakistan and Khudar Nojwan”.

The PTI chief Imran Khan ordered Usman Dar to commence the campaign for the youth adding that we will combat Khudar Pakistan war with Khudar Nojawan.

He said that the youth will be prime part of his campaign. Youth are aware and understand the difference between good and bad, Imran Khan added.

Usman Dar said that under the campaign conventions of youth will be organized across the country.

Imran Khan apprised that he will include youth in decision making of the party.

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