Wednesday January 12, 2022

PSX Gains 35 Points

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Wednesday crossed the 46,000 points level before declining in later trading sessions and ended the day with minor gains.

The benchmark KSE-100 index surged in earlier trading and cross the 46,000 points level. The bourse reached its highest level of 46,220.40 points in inter-day trading.

The bourse, however, plunged in later day trading session and lost all again before trading was suspended. The bench gained 35.12 points (0.08%) and closed at 45,916.25 points. The total volume of shares traded at the bourse were 125.31 million valued at Rs6.513 billion.

The lower bench KSE 30 index managed a minor increase of 13.87 points (0.06%) and closed at 18.048.36 points. The total volume of shares was 57.595 million. The KMI 30 index closed at 74,211.81 points with an increase of 239.04 (0.32%) while the All Share Index increase by 44.38 (0.14%) and closed at 31,388.59 points.

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