Tuesday September 13, 2022

PSX Closes At Positive Zone As Uptick Of 139 Reported In 100-Index

Karachi: Trading of the businesses at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) today closed on a positive zone as an uptick of 139 points reported in 100-index.

The PSX on second day of business week surpassed limit of 42000 while after an increase of 139 points 100-index ended on 42001.

Trading on a business day 100-index remained in 229 points band while today’s highest level of 100-index remained 420921.

As many as 118.5 million shares were traded today while the worth of share market remained Rs 3 billion and 807 million.
On the other hand, the market capitalization climbed to Rs 6941 billion from Rs 13 billion.

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