Sunday June 12, 2022

Protestors In London Demand Punishment To BJP Leaders Over Blasphemous Remarks

London: Whole of Islamic world is in intense anger over the blasphemous remarks against over beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH by ruling party of India’s two politicians.

A large number of Muslims staged a protest outside the Indian High Commission in London.

The protest organized by the Muslim Action Forum (MAF) like other parts of the world against the two hardline leaders of ruling Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) who committed blasphemy, the woman spokesman of the BJP Nupur Sharma and Jindal.

Nupur Sharma committed blasphemy in a talk show of Indian News Channel Times Now whiile Jindal tweeted derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The protestors had taken banners and flags in their hands and chanted slogans of ‘Ya Rasool Allah’.

The protestors were demanding that the BJP leaders who committed blasphemy must be punished.

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