Friday October 15, 2021

Progress Made In Gojra Rape Incident

GOJRA: An important development has been made in the Gojra gang-rape case as the rental vehicle used in the incident has been seized by the police.

As yet unidentified men raped an 18-year-old woman on the M4 motorway in Gojra after luring her on the pretext of offering her a job at a boutique, the police had revealed a day earlier after the prime suspect and another suspect were arrested.

The suspects fled after throwing the young woman at the Faisalabad Interchange.

According to the police, a case was registered on October 11 on the complaint of the young woman’s aunt, after which two suspects, including the prime suspect, were arrested.

The police said the rental vehicle used in the gang-rape has been seized.

In an initial statement, the prime suspect had said that the young woman had befriended him over mobile phone 15 days ago, the police said, adding that on the day of the rape, the young woman and her friend had left Faisalabad on his orders.

The Gojra DSP said that geo-forensics showed that there was mobile phone contact between the suspect and victim for 15 days prior to the rape. The law enforcers said that the young woman’s pictures were also found on the suspect’s phone.

She has been called in by the police to give a statement. The Gojra DSP, however, said that the law enforcers have been unable to get in touch with her despite repeated attempts.

In the FIR, the victim’s aunt said that her 18-year-old niece received a message on a mobile phone for a job interview in Gojra. She said that when they reached there, the suspects put the young woman into a car and took her with them and raped her on the motorway.

The young woman was given a medical exam, the police had confirmed.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and Inspector-General Rao Sardar Ali had taken notice of the gang-rape, asking for a report from the Faisalabad RPO.

The IG said that justice should be ensured for the victim on a priority basis.

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