Sunday September 04, 2022

Prices Of Onions And Tomatoes Starting To Decrease As Import Of Vegies Start

Karachi: The prices of tomatoes and onions started to decrease as import of these vegetables arrive from Afghanistan and Iran.

As many as 47 trucks load of onions and tomatoes have entered in Pakistan while the prices of these vegetables in the Sunday markets of Islamabad are fixed at Rs 124 per kg onions, potatoes Rs 86 and Rs 230 for tomatoes.

The onions have been sold on a price of Rs 120 per Kg in Peshawar.

It is pertinent to mention here that after destroying vegetables crops in the country owing to devastating floods had found to be increased.

The tomotoes are being sold at a price range of Rs 300 to 400 and price of onions were sold Rs 160 per kg to Rs 250.

After ruining of the crops the federal ministry of trade has approved an import of vegetables and fruits from Afghanistan and Iran.

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